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It addresses a diverse audience of professionals directly involved in radiotherapy procedures, hospital administrators, and health and regulatory authorities. In many of the accidental exposures that have occurred, a single cause cannot be identified. Usually, there was a combination of factors contributing to the accident, for example, deficient staff training, lack of independent checks, lack of quality control procedures and absence of overall supervision. Such combinations often point to an overall deficiency in management, allowing patient treatment in the absence of a comprehensive quality assurance programme. The use of radiation therapy in the treatment of cancer patients has grown considerably and is likely to continue to increase. Major accidents are rare, but are likely to continue to happen unless awareness is increased. Explicit requirements on measures to prevent radiotherapy accidents are needed with respect to regulations, education and quality assurance. Preventing accidental exposures from new external beam radiation therapy technologies New external beam radiation therapy technologies are becoming increasingly used. These new technologies are meant to bring substantial improvement to radiation therapy. However, this is often achieved with a considerable increase in complexity, which, in turn, brings with it opportunities for new types of human error and problems with equipment. It is based on lessons learned from accidental exposures, which are an invaluable resource for revealing vulnerable aspects of the practice of radiotherapy, and for providing guidance for the prevention of future occurrences. Dissemination of information on errors or mistakes as soon as they become available is crucial in radiation therapy with new technologies. In addition, information on circumstances that almost resulted in serious consequences (near misses) is also important, as the same type of event may occur elsewhere. Sharing information about near misses is, thus, a complementary and important aspect of prevention. Disseminating the knowledge and lessons learned from accidental exposures is crucial in preventing recurrence.

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Users’ Guides to the Medical Literature: a Manual for Evidence-Based Clinical Practice. Journal articles General Ad Hoc Working Group for Critical Appraisal of the Medical Literature. Quality of non- structured and structured abstracts of original research articles in the British Medical Journal, the Canadian Medical Association Journal and the Journal of the American Medical Association. Cause and effect Department of Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics, McMaster University Health Sci- ences Centre. Clinical epidemiological quality in molec- ular genetic research: the need for methodological standards. Statistical aspects of the analysis of data from retrospective stud- ies of disease. Measurement Department of Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics, McMaster University Health Sci- ences Centre. Achieving quality in clinical decision making: cognitive strategies and detec- tion of bias. Stage migration and new diagnostic techniques as a source of misleading statistics for survival in can- cer. Dimen- sions of methodological quality associated with estimates of treatments effects in con- trolled trials. Maintainingstandards:differences betweenthestandarddeviationandstan- dard error, and when to use each. The minimum clinically important difference in physician- assigned visual analog pain scores. The effect of race and sex on physicians’ recommendations for cardiac catheterization. Misunderstandings about the effects of race and sex on physicians’ referrals for cardiac catheterization. Working Group on Recommendations for Reporting Clinical Trials in the Biomedical Lit- erature. Call for comments on a proposal to improve reporting of clinical trials in the biomedical literature.

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Hengley, 45 years: In the 2007 Canadian National Physician Survey, work, and this can lead to inattention or medical error, putting the mean reported time spent on professional duties, before patients at risk (Crosskerry 2008). They lose the ability to function in daily life grad- Definition ually, and in later stages they become more apathetic, Asyndromeofacquiredcognitiveimpairment,withpro- with little spontaneous effort and therefore require full gressive global loss of cognitive function in the context personal care such as feeding, washing, dressing and of normal arousal.

Daryl, 42 years: In order to address these problems of interpretation of the relevant literature, the meta-analysis evaluated the data from the studies on elderly adults compared with those from the studies used to evaluate the require- ment in younger individuals (Rand et al. If high probability, sensory loss, decreased radial and brachial pulses, thoracotomy with resection or video assisted thora pallor of limb with elevation, upper limb atrophy, coscopy (for patients who cannot tolerate thoracot drooping shoulders, supraclavicular and infraclavi omy medically and physiologically) cular lymphadenopathy.

Thorald, 58 years: Were patients similar for demo- graphics, severity, co-morbidity, and other prognostic factors? We support roughly the same amount of research again through grants to universities and hospitals.

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