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Ideally a rigorous evaluation should be done as a joint exercise by a large number of countries coordinated by an independent organization. Analysis of differences and commonalities in pricing and reimbursement systems in Europe. The impact of price regulation on the launch delay of new drugs - evidence from twenty-five major markets in the 1990s. Pricing and reimbursement of in-patent drugs in seven European countries: a comparative analysis. Inazumi, Chief of Drug Price, Economic Affairs Division, Health Policy Bureau, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Japan, in Paris, March 2008. Review of the Estonian Pharmaceutical Sector: Towards the development of a National Medicines Policy. Pharmaceutical policies: effects of reference pricing, other pricing, and purchasing policies. Effective Patent Life of Drugs in Sweden - A Comparison with International Studies. The International Diffusion of New Drugs: A Comparative Study of Seven Industrialized Countries. Evaluating drug prices, availability, affordability, and price components: implications for access to drugs in Malaysia. A Pricing Analysis of Cardiovascular and Blood Products after Privatization of Drug Distribution System in Malaysia. Retail price regulation and innovation: reference pricing in the pharmaceutical industry. International Price Regulations in the Pharmaceutical Sector: A Common Model to Sharing Cost and Benefits. A Comparison of Pharmaceutical Pricing in Switzerland with selected reference countries.

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In general, we lack data on this value and this creates a serious difficulty in converting the flow numbers to stocks. We could make the “steady state” assumption that all age-specific death rates have remained constant over several years, but it would have to be defended, and that is beyond the scope of this paper. However, it is worth noting that, no matter how we resolve this issue, a given proportional flow at an earlier age must be more important than the same flow at a later age. It will simply affect more women, and must therefore translate into larger stocks. Simply as an example, we report our tentative estimates under the assumption of time-invariance of. W efind approximately 20 million missing women in India, 58 million missing women in China, and 8 million missing women in sub-Saharan Africa. Look at the enormous difference between China and the other two regions (in flows all three regions were about the same). This comes from the fact that excess female deaths in China are clustered at age 0. We reiterate, though, that these estimates must be treated with a great deal of caution. It is misleading because different countries have different fertility and death rates, and (in particular) different age distributions. They may also have different sex ratios at birth for genetic or environmental reasons that have nothing to do with missing females. The procedure is also uninformative: we cannot tell at what ages the missing women are clustered, or what diseases are responsible. Thus, we cannot begin to ask about the various channels: discrimination, biology, social norms, and so on.

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Mine-Boss, 46 years: Provider Alerts and Prompts Reminder systems can greatly increase the probability of providing the right care.

Kasim, 64 years: These numbers are significantly less than 7% of the total number of missing women that we later estimate for each of these regions.

Karlen, 39 years: Wash your hands thoroughly – and teach your children to wash their hands too – using soap and running water for 20 seconds after blowing your nose, after using the toilet and after changing diapers, and before preparing food or eating.

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