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These parameters varied a lot for different litters (-28 to 56 g/day for winners and -52 to 39 g/day for losers), but for all litters the winner got some advantage in changes of growth rate in comparison to the victim. Kittens killing a sib should expect even more advantages after the death of a competitor. Their daily growth rate was signifcantly higher than in all other aggressors in the frst ten days after the fght (478, n=3, and 2016, n=7; U=1; Z=2. The frst elements of playing were observed at the age of one month, and by the end of the second month the frequency reached its maximum for the whole developmental period. Before fghts, observed and expected play frequencies differed signifcantly (it was higher and lower, respectively, than the expected value) in two of the 11 cubs (18%) from four litters. In contrast, during the frst two weeks after the fghts, differences between expected and observed frequencies were registered for six cubs (55%; difference test (%) P<0. The most marked changes were seen on winners (in three of four cubs), which initiated play interactions in two cases signifcantly more often and in one case less often than expected. After another two weeks, differences between observed and expected frequencies of play were still seen in fve cubs (45%; difference test (%) P=0. Thus, the occurrence of fghts resulted in an increase in the asymmetry of play behavior. In two cases there was no signifcant difference, and in one case the frequency was signifcantly lower. The frequency of losers play was signifcantly higher only once: in twin litters during the third to fourth week after the fght. We did not fnd any signifcant difference in hormone concentration in the blood of winners and losers. The level of testosterone was similar for kittens that initiated fghts and for the victims (Wilcoxon pair-matched test: T=5; Z=0. Average levels of cortisol were slightly higher (15833 ng/ml) in aggressive cubs compared to neutral kittens (14741 ng/ml; ns) and victims (11310 ng/ml; T=3; Z=1.

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Altus, 34 years: Russia is the heartland of its range, which extends Eastwards into China and Southwards into the Northern fank of the Himalayas. Palpable purpura of the lower extremities is the main manifestation, pres- ent from 30 to 100% of the patients.

Pakwan, 58 years: Uric acid was much too low, showing there was not enough glu- tamine to manufacture purines which metabolize into uric acid. New York: Lippincott, Many women fail to exercise, citing family and career Williams & Wilkins.

Nafalem, 25 years: Example 7: Claim turned down breast cancer (hairdresser exposed to chemical substances and vapours) A 46-year-old woman had worked as a hairdresser for a little less than 30 years. Important to note is that by-products of oxidative dam age such a 4-hydroxynoneal and J-isoprostanes act as endogenous activators of Nrf2 [68, 69].

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