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The year 2009 marked a sig- per capita basis with similar consumer markets such as nificant shift in cannabis resin seizures, away from the Europe and the United States. In Central Asia, the largest quantities of cannabis herb The high level of 2008 was partly due to increases in the continued to be seized by Kazakhstan (26 mt in 2009) Near and Middle East/South-West Asia; in particular a where cannabis was partially supplying the domestic 47 single extraordinarily large seizure of 236. Seizures seizures was registered in West and Central Europe in in West and Central Europe amounted to 101 mt, essen- 2008; however, in 2009 seizures fell in both West and tially sustaining the increased level of 2008. Central Europe and the Near and Middle East/South- In recent years, seizures of cannabis herb in Turkey have West Asia, and the drop was partially offset by seizures followed a notable increasing trend, rising six-fold over a in North Africa. According to Turkish authorities,46 tends to be met by production occurring in relative the increase in cannabis trafficking was attributable to proximity to consumption, large quantities of cannabis illicit cultivation taking place in some rural parts of the resin are trafficked significant distances to reach con- country. Cannabis resin Europe and North Africa Global cannabis resin seizures reached a record of 1,648 Spain continued to report the largest annual seizures of mt in 2008, and in 2009 declined to 1,261 mt - a level cannabis resin worldwide. Every resin are trafficked from the source country of Morocco year from 2001 onwards, West and Central Europe, the to Spain, and on to other countries in Europe. Distribution Absolute values 100% 1,800 90% 1,600 80% 1,400 70% 60% 1,200 50% 1,000 40% 800 30% 600 20% 10% 400 0% 200 0 Near and Middle East/ South-West Asia Rest of the world Global total North Africa West & Central Europe West & Central Europe Near and Middle East /South-West Asia North Africa 45 This figure represents an aggregate of 624 kg of cannabis herb Rest of the world together with 11,042 seeds or bags, converted assuming a weight of half a gram per unit. In Algeria and Egypt, 500 200 seizures more than doubled in 2008, reaching a record 400 level of 38 mt in Algeria and a level of 12. Algeria reported that in 2009 cannabis 0 0 resin and cannabis herb in its territory originated entirely in Morocco. Quantity (mt) Seizure data and, to some extent, price data support the Number of seizures flow of cannabis resin from North Africa into western Europe via Spain. Apart from Spain, which reports the seizures of cannabis resin in Spain fell to 445 mt – the largest cannabis seizures in Europe by far, the largest lowest level since 1999 (431 mt) - while seizures in seizures among European countries in 2009 were Morocco rose from 114 mt in 2008 to 188 mt in 2009 reported by France and Portugal, followed by Italy and – the highest level on record. The decrease in seizures in Spain in 2009 was 2009, approximately one half of significant individual reflected in similar decreases in the four European coun- drug seizures reported by Spain involved cannabis resin. Seizures in However, Morocco is likely not the only source country Belgium have fluctuated considerably, amounting to for cannabis resin reaching Europe, and Spain assessed 18.

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Milok, 44 years: In order for a client or nurse to administer a client’s own medications in these practice settings, the nurse needs to verify the medication with a pharmacist, have an authorized prescriber’s order for the medication, and be supported by the practice setting policy. This validation approach is used for small water systems which are usually operated on an on/off basis 2 based on a fixed dose delivery of 40mJ/cm dose. There is also evidence that 29(ut),30(rct) clozapine is superior to olanzapine in treatment resistant patients with schizophrenia. Cost and cost-effectiveness in a randomized trial of J Psychiatry 2013;58(5 Suppl 1):5S-13.

Carlos, 50 years: Self medication with times 100) alcohol, over-the-counter medications, prescription medica- • Nap times (frequency, times, durations) tions, and melatonin account for millions of dollars annual- Sleep logs may also include reports of sleep quality, daytime ly. The acceptance criteria of equivalence in clinical study should be established by considering the pharmacological characteristics and activity of respective drug. Amphotericin B treatment for Indian visceral leishmaniasis: conventional versus lipid formulations. Histamine assays and skin wheal testing in man indicate that clinically significant histamine release rarely occurs with fentanyl administration.

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