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Moreover other complications of pregnancy like abruptio placentae, placenta previa, and premature rupture of membranes have been found to be caused by maternal smoking. Coronary heart disease causes most of the deaths 238 when it comes to effects of cigarette smoking. Involuntary smoke exposure (Passive Smoking) the effect of passive smoking has been identified during the last few decades. Its effect comes when non-smoking people inspire the ambient air, which is polluted by cigarette smoke. The health impact depends on the volume of the air in the room, number of active smokers, rate of air exchange and duration of exposure. Children & infants of smoking mothers will have an obvious intense exposure and hence retardation of physical and intellectual growth is likely to occur. Benefits of cessation or reducing exposure to cigarette smoke When a person stops smoking the risks of diseases and subsequent death start to decline the risk to reach to that of non-smoking people may take 20 years of smoke-free period. The amount of cigarettes smoked daily, and duration of smoking determines the rate of decrease of risks. The relative risk of lung cancer and laryngeal cancer start to decline after 1 to 2 smoke free years. However considering lung cancer former smokers will have slightly higher risk than non-smokers even after 30 years of smoke-free years. When it comes to coronary diseases the decline of risk is rapid and it can level with those of non-smokers after 5 to 20 years. Chemical & Drug injury Injuries due to chemicals can be from therapeutic agents and nontherapeutic agents. Adverse drug reactions Injuries due to therapeutic agents are known as adverse drug reactions. Adverse drug reactions are any response to a drug that is noxious and unintended and that occurs at doses used in humans for prophylaxis, diagnosis, or therapy. Exaggeration of the intended pharmacologic effect which are largely predictable effects 2.

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Ur-Gosh, 21 years: Aura is characterized by a mixture of positive and negative features, is complete reversible, and is associated with a headache fulflling the criteria for 1. Avoid aggressive large biopsies of the conjunctiva, for prolapse of orbital fat could occur or suture the wound after the biopsy.

Kalan, 57 years: Comfort patient • Assist hand washing and oral care Basic Nursing Art 53 • Offer bedpan and commodes, of indicated • Comfort patient, provide quite environment so that the pt may relax after meal, which also promote good digestion. They must work with many people including clients, other nurses, physicians, social workers and community leaders, therapists, nutritionists, occupational therapists, psychologists, epidemiologists, biostaticians, legislators, etc.

Surus, 41 years: Settings of community health nursing practice the types of places in which community health nurses practice are increasingly varied including a growing number of non-traditional settings and partnership with non-health groups. Because complications are often difficult to treat, efforts should be made to prevent them by early diagnosis and proper management.

Quadir, 52 years: The • If untreated, complications can occur during the incubation period is from 10 to 21 days. You should check that your acupuncturist is trained and registered with a recognised professional organisation – see the relevant section in ‘More Information’.

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Topork, 27 years: The responsibilities during therapy, of the provider and the patient, should be discussed with the patient and family. Know that analgesic medications can be an appropriate pain management option in selected and monitored patients and they are not the only option.

Myxir, 34 years: Moreover, in the few experiments with humans that ate lectin-containing foods, namely tomatoes (Kilpatrick et al. Preliminary aspiration of cystic fuid (10–20 ml) for parasitological and biological examination is performed.

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