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While most women who had atrial redirection procedures tolerate pregnancy well, deterioration in functional class and systemic (right) systolic ventricular function (without recovery in some), along with life- threatening circumstances can occur (104,105,106). Similarly, in general, women having undergone the arterial switch operation may become pregnant provided there are no pre-existing sequelae that can confer an added risk (107). Patients having undergone atrial redirection procedures with mild or no chamber enlargement, no arrhythmias, no cardiac symptoms, and a normal exercise test can participate in low and moderate static/low dynamic competitive sports (108). Patients who had the arterial switch operation, with normal ventricular function, a normal exercise test and no arrhythmias may participate in all sports. If the exercise test is normal, but more than mild hemodynamic abnormalities or ventricular dysfunction are present, they may participate in low and moderate static/low dynamic competitive sports. Other patients who do not fall in these categories should be advised on an individual basis (108). Epidemiology of Congenital Heart Disease: The Baltimore-Washington Infant Study 1981–1989. National estimates and race/ethnic-specific variation of selected birth defects in the united states, 1999–2001. Updated national birth prevalence estimates for selected birth defects in the United States, 2004–2006. Congenital cardiovascular malformations associated with chromosome abnormalities: an epidemiologic study. Non-cardiac malformations in individuals with outflow tract defects of the heart: the Baltimore-Washington Infant Study (1981–1989). Cfc1 mutations in patients with transposition of the great arteries and double-outlet right ventricle. Identification and functional characterization of nodal rare variants in heterotaxy and isolated cardiovascular malformations. Complete transposition of the great arteries: patterns of congenital heart disease in familial precurrence.

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Dawson, 32 years: Further information can be obtained with angulated views of the right ventricular angiocardiogram in the setting of ventriculocoronary communications (see Fig.

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Fadi, 44 years: Blalock spent time with him and their collaboration continued to the point that Brock developed a bypass pump and used hypothermia, bringing the open heart technique to England.

Jarock, 24 years: The curve labeled conditioned illustrates the heart rate response if the subject regularly performs vigorous aerobic exercise.

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